#1 Why Should I Use a Pet Sitter?

We believe that having your pet stay at home with a sitter to care for them is the best way to ensure your pet is happy and comfortable during your time away.  This way your pet is able to keep their regular routine and not have to deal with the stress that comes with staying in a kennel or boarding facility.  With the love and care Four Feet and a Tail gives your pets they can have just as much fun as you are having while you’re away.

#2 What kind of animals do you care for?

At Four Feet and a Tail we care for most types of animals big and small.  These include but are not limited to: Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rodents, Birds, Fish, Horses, Sheep, Goats, Donkeys, Pigs, Cows, Chickens and other fowl.

There is a short list of animals we do not care for.  These include: reptiles and any animals that are used for a commercial endeavor.

#3 Is there a charge for the Initial Interview/Meet n Greet?

There is no charge for the initial interview and meet n greet.  We want to make sure you and your pets are comfortable with us and that we are comfortable with your pet.  We do ask that you fill out paperwork prior to the initial interview so we can spend as much time getting to know you and your pet as possible.

#4 Are you insured?

Yes! We are bonded and insured for your peace of mind. 

#5 Can you let me know how my pet is doing while I am away?

We can and will!  As part of our service we will give you real time updates, including photos, right to your phone via text or email.  If you prefer to not hear from us except in the event of an emergency we can do that to.

#6 Can you stay overnight?

Yes!  Sometimes pets feel more comfortable with someone available all night.  We offer evening care, overnights and 24 hour care as well.  

Overnight Care starts at 9pm and continues until 6am and is $140 per night.

 Evening Care is $70 per evening:  2.5 hours.  

24-Hour Care is priced per job depending on a number of factors.

#7  Can you visit at the exact time I want? Do you always visit at the time we ask for?

We will give you a two hour window of when we will arrive to provide service for your pets.   Because we have other stops to make as well we will make every attempt to arrive closest to the time you have requested, however we cannot guarantee we will be there at your exact requested time.

#8  Do I have to leave you my keys?

We need a way to access your home to care for your pets.  Because of the possibility for garage doors and remote access devices to not work we must have key access.
For clients that do not want to give us keys we provide a Lock Box Service.  With this service you will be provided a loaner lock box to put in an easy to access area that you approve.  We will use this to access your keys.  You will not have access to the lock box code as we need absolute assurance that we will have access to your keys.  The charge for this service is $45.

#9  If my pet has an accident, do you clean it up? 

Yes!  We will always take a look around your home to assure that things are cleaned up to the best of our ability.  In the event that your pet is always having “accidents” we will require additional visits to allow more time for your pet to potty in his/her designated spot. 
Please leave supplies that are compatible with your particular flooring in the instance your pet has an accident.

#10  What happens in an emergency?

In the event your pet becomes injured or sick while you are away we will call you immediately.  We will take the steps to evaluate your pet’s injuries/sickness to assess whether emergency veterinary care is needed.  An attempt to use your regular vet is made.  If your vet is unavailable we will use a 24 hour Emergency Veterinary based on your location.

#11  What if I have a special request?

Just Ask!  We are usually able to accommodate unusual requests.

#12  May I give my pet sitter/dog walker a gratuity?

Absolutely!  The preferred way to tip is cash in an envelope with your sitters name on it.  You can also add it to your payment and it will be distributed to your sitter.

#13  What happens if I don't leave enough food for my pet?

We will make sure your pet is always taken care of.  In the event you do not leave enough supplies (food, litter, potty pads etc) to accommodate, we will purchase some for you.  
There is a charge of $20 per 15 minutes of errand running plus the price of the supplies.  Every attempt will be made to get the brand of food your pet is used to.  In the event that we cannot get the same brand, paw Tree food will be fed to your dog or cat, and a healthy alternative will be fed to all other pets. 

#14  Is there an extra fee for holidays?

Due to the nature of our business, holidays are a very busy time.  Because of this we charge a $25 holiday fee for all major holidays.  See policies page for more info.

#15 I am leaving on short notice and do not have time for an initial interview.  Can you still care for my pets?

For the safety of our pet sitters and your pets, we cannot care for any pets that we have not had an initial interview and meet n greet.   There are no exceptions to this rule.

#16  What is your cancellation policy?

As Holidays are our busiest time 50% of the payment is due as a deposit when the reservation is made.  There is a 7 day cancellation policy for holidays listed above.  If you cancel after the 7 days you will lose your deposit.  If your spot is able to be booked with someone else your deposit less $25 re-booking fee will be refunded to you.

For Pet Sitting reservations we have a 2 day cancellation period.  If cancel after 2 days from the first day of your reservation you will be charged a $25 trip cancellation fee. 

Dog Walking clients must cancel within 24 hours of appointment to avoid a $10 cancellation fee.

#17   Will I receive a refund if I leave later than expected or return early?

Because we have potentially turned down other clients to keep your spot available there are no refunds for leaving later or returning early.

#18   How are payments received?

As of now Four Feet and a Tail only accepts Cash and Checks.  We will be adding major credits cards and online payments in the near future!

Check can be mailed to:

PO Box 2147

Napa, CA 94558

Checks can also be left in the home to be picked up on the first day of service.

There is a $25 fee added to your bill if services are not paid by the first day of service.